OpenHPC to Lead Tutorial at PEARC17

Join OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee members on a walk through of Getting Started With OpenHPC at PEARC17.

Gain insights and experience from core contributors to the OpenHPC stack as they lead a thorough introduction and overview of the OpenHPC community project at PEARC17 in New Orleans July 9-13. This half-day session (taking place on July 10) will be organized into two primary phases:

  1. a lecture phase highlighting currently available software components, packaging conventions and hierarchical modules, integration test suite, and building block nature of the project, and
  2. a live demonstration/walk-thru of a bare-metal cluster installation using OpenHPC repositories and multiple cluster-building recipes.

After installation, attendees will then be able to login to the installed clusters to gain interactive experience with the development environment and to run example jobs through the resource manager(s).

OpenHPC is focused on providing HPC-centric package builds for a variety of common components in an effort to minimize duplication and provide a platform to share configuration recipes from a variety of sites.

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The content for Getting Started with OpenHPC was developed and submitted by:

  • Nirmala Sundararajan
  • Derek Simmel
  • Karl W Schulz
  • Eric Van Hensbergen
  • Reese Baird