The 2017-18 OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee Has Been Formed

OpenHPC is pleased to announce the formation of the 2017-18 Technical Steering Committee.

Join us in congratulating this year’s participants.

  • Maintainers
    • Reese Baird — Intel
    • David Brayford — LRZ
    • Leonordo Fialho — Atos
    • Craig Gardner — SUSE
    • Jennifer Green — LANL
    • Chulho Kim — Lenovo
    • Janet Lebens — Cray
    • Thomas Moschny — ParTec
    • Nam Pho — New York Langone Medical Center
    • Cyrus Proctor — TACC
    • Adrian Reber — Red Hat
    • Joseph Stanfield — EMC Dell
    • Scott Suchyta — Altair
    • Nirmala Sundararajan — EMC Dell
  • Site Reps
    • Eric Coulter — Indiana University
    • Doug Jacobsen — NERSC
    • Derek Simmel — PSC
  • Component Development Reps
    • Todd ...
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OpenHPC Announces Release of v1.3

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.3.

This minor release is targeted to enable support for CentOS 7.3 and SLES12SP2 and includes the addition of an integration test-suite component, several component updates, various bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

Release Notes:
Install Guides/Release RPMs:

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OpenHPC Awarded the HPCwire Reader’s Choice Award for Best HPC Software Product or Technology at SC’16

We are pleased to announce that OpenHPC has been awarded the 2016 HPCwire Reader’s Choice Award for Best HPC Software Product or Technology.

“This important and widely disseminated award by HPCwire recognizes the significance of the OpenHPC initiative by the broad community of industry, government, and academia to satisfying a critical need for future growth in availability, usability, robustness, and ultimate capability of software infrastructure in supercomputing.” Dr. Thomas Sterling said. “It is also gratifying to the many contributors who have ...

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RedHat joins OpenHPC

At SC’16, RedHat announced that it has joined the OpenHPC project as a Silver Member.

“Red Hat believes that hand-building unique software stacks is no longer a viable option within HPC, and that an open and modular HPC stack can help lead to consistent and reproducible results across heterogeneous computing environments,” representatives from RedHat said in a press release. “By joining the OpenHPC project, we are taking a step to standardize and simplify the use of various tools and libraries ...

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OpenHPC 1.2 Released

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee is pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.2.

At SC16 in Salt Lake City, project lead Karl Schulz announced the latest release of the OpenHPC project.

This minor release includes several new components, a significant number of component version updates, and a Tech Preview of ARM aarch64 builds. The number of available installation recipe guides has also expanded to support an additional resource manager option (PBS Professional) and the aarch64 architecture.

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Attend the OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee Meeting at SC’16

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee will be hosting its regular meeting at SC’16 in Salt Lake City on Wed. at 9am MT at the Salt Lake City Sheraton hotel, Wasatch Room.

Join project Karl Schulz and other SC’16 attendees at the OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee. Each week, the HPC community is invited to participate in discussions on the enhancement of the OpenHPC code base.

  • Directions to the TSC meeting from the SC’16 location
  • Learn more about the TSC here.
  • Learn about ...
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Attend the OpenHPC Community BoF at SC’16

Join OpenHPC project lead Karl Schulz (Intel) and OpenHPC Maintainer David Brayford (LRZ) at SuperComputing 16 for the OpenHPC BoF on Wed., November 16th from 1:30pm – 3pm in 155-A. Learn more here

At this BOF, speakers from the OpenHPC Technical Steering committee will provide a technical overview of the project and near-term roadmaps. We then invite open discussion giving attendees an opportunity to provide feedback on current conventions, packaging, request additional components and configurations, and discuss general future ...

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OpenHPC 1.1.1 released

OpenHPC 1.1.1 was released today on June 21, 2016

This is an update release against OHPC 1.1 that provides a small number of fixes and minor component changes. Users who previously enabled the OHPC 1.1 repository via the ohpc-release package should have immediate access to the updates available in 1.1.1 and no additional repository enablement should be necessary. Note that a number of users reported an issue when running Warewulf commands after installation related to having the BASH_ENV variable set (e.g. ...

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OpenHPC 1.0.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC 1.0.1 to provide a small number of fixes and minor component changes.  Note that with the introduction of this first update release, a slight change is advised with respect to enabling OpenHPC repositories for use locally. In particular, the 1.0 tree is now separated into a [base] repository which contains the contents of the original 1.0 release, and an [updates] repository to facilitate micro updates like this latest 1.0.1 version.  To (hopefully) make ...

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