OpenHPC is a community supported effort. As such, there are mailing lists available to post questions, report issues, or stay aware of community announcements. In addition, you can check the FAQ section or search the mailing list archives to see if your question has been answered previously.

Mailing lists available for the community are described as follows:

  • openhpc-announce [Subscribe/unsubscribe] [Archives]
    This is intended to be a low-volume list that is used to announce new versions and important updates. Only members from the core development team can post to this list.
  • openhpc-users [Subscribe/unsubscribe] [Archives]
    This list is for general questions and discussions by end users and is appropriate for subscribers to post questions, issues, suggestions related to the use of OpenHPC packages and documentation.
  • openhpc-devel [Subscribe/unsubscribe] [Archives]
    This list is intended for primary use by developers contributing to OpenHPC.
  • Technical Steering Committee [Subscribe/unsubscribe] [Archives]
    This list is intended for use by developers/users interested in contributing/participating to the OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee. Participation is open to any individual in the HPC community.
  • Slack –  member organizations can log in here. If you have problems joining, or if you are not a member (access is available to all), send an email to the Program Manager to get an invite.