OpenHPC Announces Release of v1.3

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.3.

This minor release is targeted to enable support for CentOS 7.3 and SLES12SP2 and includes the addition of an integration test-suite component, several component updates, various bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

Release Notes:
Install Guides/Release RPMs:

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Learn about Cluster Computing with OpenHPC at HPC Sys Pros

OpenHPC Project Lead Karl Schulz will be presenting at the inaugural HPC Systems Professionals Workshop on Nov. 14.

The workshop is designed as a platform for discussing the unique challenges that come from supporting large-scale, high performance systems.

In this three hour workshop, Karl will participate in a panel on: “Recruiting and Professional Development of HPC Systems Professionals.” In addition he will present on Cluster Computing with OpenHPC.

Find more details here.


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