Learn about Cluster Computing with OpenHPC at HPC Sys Pros

OpenHPC Project Lead Karl Schulz will be presenting at the inaugural HPC Systems Professionals Workshop on Nov. 14.

The workshop is designed as a platform for discussing the unique challenges that come from supporting large-scale, high performance systems.

In this three hour workshop, Karl will participate in a panel on: “Recruiting and Professional Development of HPC Systems Professionals.” In addition he will present on Cluster Computing with OpenHPC.

Find more details here.


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Energy Efficiency Key European HPC Strength

Member Spotlight

David BrayfordLRZ
Dr. David Brayford is a scientific HPC consultant at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) with extensive experience in HPC, 3D computer graphics including device driver development & physics based photorealistic rendering, scientific and medical software development. At LRZ, Dr. Brayford develops highly ...

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The HPC Community Needs Standards

Member Spotlight

In November 2015 Altair announced its decision to open source PBS Professional, the workload manager and job scheduler of the PBS Works suite, which was awarded “Best HPC Software or Technology” in 2014’s HPCwire Reader’s Choice Awards. The decision involves working with OpenHPC to integrate PBS Professional with the OpenHPC software stack.

We had a chance to talk with Dr. Bill Nitzberg, CTO of the PBS Works division at Altair, and internationally recognized ...

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HPC Open Source Software Lacks Cohesion

Member Spotlight

Dr. Marc Snir is a parallel computing pioneer whose innovative work has advanced the elite supercomputing systems that drive scientific discovery. Director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Snir is also the Michael Faiman and Saburo Muroga Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), a department he led from 2001-2007.

An Argonne Distinguished Fellow, AAAS Fellow, ACM Fellow, and IEEE Fellow, ...

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Japan’s RIKEN is Strong HPC Open Source Software Supporter

Member Spotlight

OpenHPC member RIKEN is Japan’s largest research institution. It has approximately 3000 scientists on seven campuses across Japan, the main one just outside of Tokyo. The full Japanese name of RIKEN is Rikagaku Kenkyūsho (理化学研究所), which means “The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research,” though it now also conducts research in biology and other fields. It’s commonly abbreviated as RIKEN (理研). It is almost entirely funded by the Japanese government, and its annual ...

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Developing Strong Open Source Communities


The High Performance Computing (HPC) market is moving away from RISC/UNIX symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) servers and proprietary cluster platforms. It’s moving toward Linux industry standard servers and clusters. This trend is reducing costs and allowing enterprises that do not consider themselves involved in supercomputing to adopt HPC. This is seen in a wide range of applications such as financial analysis and portfolio management, digital ...

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Community is the Key

Component Spotlight


Dr. Jeff Squyres is Cisco’s representative to the MPI Forum standards body and is Cisco’s core software developer in the open source Open MPI project. He has worked in the High Performance Computing (HPC) field since his early graduate-student days in the mid-1990’s, and is a chapter author of the MPI-2 and MPI-3 standards.

Dr. Squyres is deeply committed to the community of Open MPI, ...

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A Critical Time In High Performance Computing

OpenHPC Member Spotlight


OpenHPC recently spoke with Prof. Thomas Sterling, Associate Director and Chief Scientist of the Indiana University Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST), to find out more about CREST, how they are leading academic supercomputing with ParalleX execution model and the HPX-5 runtime system, and why they are strongly supporting OpenHPC.

Prof. Sterling is maybe best known as the father of Beowulf clusters, developed in collaboration with Don Becker, and for his research on ...

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