We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.3.2.

This is an update release against OHPC 1.3 that provides a number of component updates along with several new additions (e.g. cmake, plasma, pnetcdf, scotch, and slepc). This release also introduces a new llvm4 toolchain.

Note that users who previously enabled the OHPC 1.3 repository via the ohpc-release package will have access to the updates available in 1.3.2 and no additional repository enablement should be necessary. Please see the Release Notes for more detailed information along with important highlights for those ...

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The 2017-18 OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee Has Been Formed

OpenHPC is pleased to announce the formation of the 2017-18 Technical Steering Committee.

Join us in congratulating this year’s participants.

  • Maintainers
    • Reese Baird — Intel
    • David Brayford — LRZ
    • Leonordo Fialho — Atos
    • Craig Gardner — SUSE
    • Jennifer Green — LANL
    • Chulho Kim — Lenovo
    • Janet Lebens — Cray
    • Thomas Moschny — ParTec
    • Nam Pho — New York Langone Medical Center
    • Cyrus Proctor — TACC
    • Adrian Reber — Red Hat
    • Joseph Stanfield — EMC Dell
    • Scott Suchyta — Altair
    • Nirmala Sundararajan — EMC Dell
  • Site Reps
    • Eric Coulter — Indiana University
    • Doug Jacobsen — NERSC
    • Derek Simmel — PSC
  • Component Development Reps
    • Todd ...
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OpenHPC to Lead Tutorial at PEARC17

Join OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee members on a walk through of Getting Started With OpenHPC at PEARC17.

Gain insights and experience from core contributors to the OpenHPC stack as they lead a thorough introduction and overview of the OpenHPC community project at PEARC17 in New Orleans July 9-13. This half-day session (taking place on July 10) will be organized into two primary phases:

  1. a lecture phase highlighting ...
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OpenHPC Announces Release of v1.2.1

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.2.1.

This is an update release against OHPC 1.2 that provides a small number of fixes and minor component changes. Users who previously enabled the OHPC 1.2 repository via the ohpc-release package will have access to the updates available in 1.2.1 and no additional repository enablement should be necessary.

Note that updates will be visible once your local package manager repo metadata is refreshed. For yum, ...

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OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee Year in Review

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee adjourned its regular meetings for the remainder of the calendar year. We would like to thank the entire community for the success of this project and in particular thank the volunteer contributors to the Technical Steering Committee.

Here are some of the highlights from 2016

  • Formalized governance process with governing board and this Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project
  • TSC formally begins meeting at beginning of June 2016:
    • settles on updated mission/vision statements
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OpenHPC 1.2 Released

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee is pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v1.2.

At SC16 in Salt Lake City, project lead Karl Schulz announced the latest release of the OpenHPC project.

This minor release includes several new components, a significant number of component version updates, and a Tech Preview of ARM aarch64 builds. The number of available installation recipe guides has also expanded to support an additional resource manager option (PBS Professional) and the aarch64 architecture.

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Learn about Cluster Computing with OpenHPC at HPC Sys Pros

OpenHPC Project Lead Karl Schulz will be presenting at the inaugural HPC Systems Professionals Workshop on Nov. 14.

The workshop is designed as a platform for discussing the unique challenges that come from supporting large-scale, high performance systems.

In this three hour workshop, Karl will participate in a panel on: “Recruiting and Professional Development of HPC Systems Professionals.” In addition he will present on Cluster Computing with OpenHPC.

Find more details here.


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Energy Efficiency Key European HPC Strength

Member Spotlight

David BrayfordLRZ
Dr. David Brayford is a scientific HPC consultant at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) with extensive experience in HPC, 3D computer graphics including device driver development & physics based photorealistic rendering, scientific and medical software development. At LRZ, Dr. Brayford develops highly ...

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The HPC Community Needs Standards

Member Spotlight

In November 2015 Altair announced its decision to open source PBS Professional, the workload manager and job scheduler of the PBS Works suite, which was awarded “Best HPC Software or Technology” in 2014’s HPCwire Reader’s Choice Awards. The decision involves working with OpenHPC to integrate PBS Professional with the OpenHPC software stack.

We had a chance to talk with Dr. Bill Nitzberg, CTO of the PBS Works division at Altair, and internationally recognized ...

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