RedHat joins OpenHPC

At SC’16, RedHat announced that it has joined the OpenHPC project as a Silver Member.

“Red Hat believes that hand-building unique software stacks is no longer a viable option within HPC, and that an open and modular HPC stack can help lead to consistent and reproducible results across heterogeneous computing environments,” representatives from RedHat said in a press release. “By joining the OpenHPC project, we are taking a step to standardize and simplify the use of various tools and libraries deployed in HPC environments and helping to drive forward the project’s mission to provide an integrated collection of HPC-centric components to the ecosystem. Red Hat will seek to enable OpenHPC solutions based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its associated toolchains. Having gcc+ compilers and libraries compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux available via OpenHPC can enable long term compatibility, stability and usability of solutions developed by the ecosystem.”